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4 More Reasons to Switch to All-Natural Pet Treats

I loved Ringo with everything in me. 

He was my beloved  “Male-mutt!”  and he brought me so much joy before he passed away.  Yes he was spoiled, but he was my world! Ringo was a bit of a finicky eater.  He liked steak treats OK, and he was “so-so” about ground beef...

But dehydrated beef liver!

I discovered how nutritious beef liver was for dogs and cats so I decided to dehydrate it and turn it into a treat for Ringo.

And boy did it work!

I’m still in awe that I discovered an all-natural treat for Ringo that he was absolutely crazy about! 

Nowadays it's so hard to find a truly healthy and filling dog treat.

Conventional dog treats are pumped full of ingredients, mostly filler and mostly harmful, so they can produce more to make more money off of you.

And when you feed these treats to your pet, they may like the taste, but all that wheat, soy, and those chemical ingredients are doing a number on their little digestive systems.  Suddenly they’re having behavior problems, allergic reactions, dry and patchy skin, stomach troubles, and you’re scratching your head wondering what’s going on.

It’s all the stuff they're adding to our pet food.

That’s why I’m passionate about taking an all-natural approach to what we consume and I refuse to go back.  All natural simple ingredients, nothing added, no antibiotics or hormones.

Because cheap and easy is damaging us and our four-legged family members too. 

We know the most common reasons to choose all-natural dog treats and food for your pets.  Improved quality of life, longevity, healthier coats, teeth and bones…but I discovered a few more reasons to make the switch.

4 More Reasons to Switch to All-Natural Pet Treats for Your Dogs and Cats

1. They improve mental health.

“Highly processed treats cause irritation and create an imbalance in the gut flora, which is integral for positive mood and good mental health.”

Taking on a human mindset for your pet is the key here. Superior quality all-natural treats for dogs and cats contribute to better digestion, lower risk for disease, and increases their energy and activity levels (which may or may not be a good thing)! Chewing is a source of mental stimulation for dogs, so the higher quality food they chew, the better! 

2. They protect the immune system.

Did you know that your pets could develop an immunity against antibiotics from the foods they eat?  If they’re constantly consuming food and treats created with byproducts from animals pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, they may develop an immunity to the very antibiotics that might save their life down the line.

3. They improve their physiological well being.  

“Ingesting hormones can lead to hyperactivity - often the reason for various health conditions.“

A lot of what we see on the shelves today contains byproducts from animals given hormones and antibiotics.

In this day and age, there’s just no reason to feed them to your pet any longer, when it's easier now more than ever to make the switch to all-natural. 

Shopping for all-natural pet treats can be just as convenient, with the added benefit of them being safe, healthy, and much more satisfying.  Ringo and countless other pets go crazy for our all-natural pure beef liver treats.  Always have. 

4. You can actually save money in the long run.

You may spend more upfront for all-natural dog treats, but the sheer amount of nutrition found in these simple ingredients will leave them feeling full and satisfied for longer…which means better weight control, fewer trips to the pet store and more money saved for you.

We are what we eat. And you want the best for your pets.  

Our pets are often sensitive to what we’re sensitive to.  When choosing treats for your pet, consider these three things.  The source of the ingredients, the number of ingredients, and the quality of those ingredients. 

Thinking about Ringo’s happy wagging tail, and all the joy he brought to my life, I just remember wanting nothing but the best for him.  He’s the reason I began selling dehydrated pure beef liver pet treats in the first place, and why I’m so passionate about the quality products we produce at Null Ridge Premium Beef.

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