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One Ranch, One Ingredient, One Woman's Dream

It warms my heartĀ to deliver high-end, restaurant quality, all-natural beef straight to your doorstep.*Ā  -Kristen Null, Owner

*where available

At Null Ridge Premium Beef, ourĀ ultimate mission isĀ to ensure that all calves from birth to harvest never receive antibiotics, feed additives, or growth enhancements.

Building Better Beef


Our calves areĀ grass-fed for the first seven to eight months of their lives while still with their mommas, and then weaned for forty-five days. Once weaned, we move them into a separate pasture on the ranch, where they have access to shade tree's fresh water, and are fed a well-balanced vegetarian diet.Ā 

Once the finished cattle have reached the ideal weight, they're shipped five at a time to a local harvesting facility.

It's here where most of the magic happens.

We insist that ourĀ beefĀ is Dry-Aged for at least twenty-one days.Ā  Although time-consuming and expensive, this signature process dramatically enhances the quality of the beef, permeating the entire meat, and locking in that robust beefy flavor.Ā 

Paired with the high marbling of American Wagyu, dry-aging infuses incredible flavor into an already extremely tender cut of beef.Ā  And I'm so excited to serve this beef to you!


In 2006, I had a dream to do my part in serving better beef to my community.Ā 

I started my beef herd with ten salebarn heifers andĀ spent every night reading bovine semen catalogs and watching RFDTV.

The mission was to produce cattle that would marble, make great cows and grow naturally without implants.

I dreamed about producing and selling my homegrown beef to restaurants in Amarillo, Texas.

Ten years later that dream would come true! Not only was my homegrown beef served in over seven different restaurants in Amarillo, Null Ridge Premium Beef also made an appearance in downtown Dallas!
After expanding productions and deep diving into the process of finishing cattle, with God's leading and guidance, we've grown NRPB into what it is today!



Taking the "Nose-to-Tail" approach, I've become incredibly passionate about offering items sourced from beef bi-products.Ā  We create anĀ irresistible dehydrated beef liver dog treat that contains nothing but pure beef liver, and some amazingly silky smooth, all-natural beef tallow balm.

Yes, Iā€™m a fifth generation rancher...but no one in my family has ever finished out their homegrown cattle for wholesale or a retail market!

Working in a male dominated industry and not being a member of the "Boys Club" has not been easy.

I've overcome obstacles in purchasing cattle to finding beef processors that would willingly work with me!

And as a single, but now marriedĀ female, this has by far been the hardest industry to break into.Ā 

But IĀ thank God who has been my protector that NRPB isĀ still standing and growing by His grace.

Praise You Father God!

After showcasing our beef in many restaurants here in the Texas Panhandle, we're now exclusively selling our all-natural beefĀ straight to you! Yes, you can now order your beef DIRECTLY from your local ranch!Ā Ā 

Free next-day deliveryĀ for our Amarillo & Canyon customers!

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