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Belted Galloway Beef: How Does it Taste?

Did you know that Belted Galloways are the original gourmet breed? 

Known as a heritage breed, one of the oldest and highest quality breeds of grass-fed cattle, they first appeared in the former Galloway district of Scotland in the early 16th century.  Yes, this breed has been around for quite some time!

Lovingly known by breeders as “Belties,” Belted Galloways are marked by a distinctive “belt” of white fur on their midsection.  They were able to evolve in harsh environments, resulting in a high resistance to disease and the ability to survive the toughest conditions. 

Able to adapt to a variety of climates, they make use of their superb foraging abilities, and shed their overcoat in hot weather, ensuring their survival where other breeds would not. 

Belted Galloway cattle grow rapidly and produce lean, high quality beef without excess fat. 

Belties don't develop much fat under their hides, instead boasting a double coat of hair for colder climates, with a shaggy overcoat that’s shed in hot weather. 

A study has shown that the Belted Galloway Beef tested only contained about 1% saturated fat, with the same fat content as chicken and fish, fitting in beautifully with a healthy diet. 

However, I'm blown away with the fact that even with a lower fat content, the Belted Galloway is still widely known for a tender, flavorful beef experience.

“Belted Galloway beef is exceptionally tender, full of flavour and juicy and were the winners of the 2003 Sydney Royal Show Beef Taste Test.”

Historian Hector Boece (1570), writing about the Galloway was known to have said, “the flesh is right delicious and tender.”  And a historian writer named Ortelius also mentioned this Galloway beef “whose flesh is tender, sweet and juicy.”

Raising Belted Galloway on pasture means more all natural, nutritious meat marked by happy cows.

Pasture raised beef has higher Omega 3’s and has been shown to help lower “bad” fatty acids, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Full pasture cattle equals beef rich in color and lean in fat, with higher amounts of nutrients, such as CLA’s that fight heart disease and lower the risk of cancer.

"The Beltie as a beef animal produces exceptionally lean and flavorful meat, with carcass dressed weights well in excess of 60 percent of live weight.”

At Null Ridge Premium Beef, our Belted Galloways are born, raised and finished on grass in the pasture, and always without any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

So if you desire beef that’s all natural, full of rich flavor, but lean and heart healthy, then I can’t recommend our Null Ridge Belted Galloway beef enough. 

This breed has been around for a long time, since breeders have had plenty of time to perfect the flavor profile and genetics of this heritage breed.  I know you’ll appreciate the truly gourmet beef experience of the Belted Galloway!

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