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Everything You Need to Know About Dry-Aged, Grain-Finished Angus Beef

If you’re looking for a more tender, juicy and flavor-rich cut of beef for dinner, then consider choosing Dry-Aged, Grain-Finished Angus. This beef is naturally infused with a rich, concentrated beef flavor that your family will crave.

Here at Null Ridge, we offer premium grain-finished Angus beef that has gone through our signature dry aging process to lock in that intense beef flavor. In this post, I'm here to share a few key ways dry-aged grain-finished Angus beef creates an elevated dining experience like no other.

Mostly red or black in color, grain-finished Angus beef are mid-size, muscular cattle. They spend their lives eating and foraging for grass, however during their last 6 to 8 months, they're introduced to a balanced grain diet, mostly composed of barley, corn, and sorghum to increase weight and promote muscle growth.

For you that means well-marbled beef and much larger steaks!

The marbled fat on the beef keeps the meat moist for longer while cooking and a grain diet gives the beef a sweeter flavor profile than its grass-finished counterpart.

When you increase the marbling of the beef by feeding them a grain diet, you increase the texture and juiciness of the beef due to the purer and higher fat content. And the dry-aging process locks in that concentrated, rich beef flavor, allowing it to permeate the entire meat.

Angus is already known for its naturally high level of marbling, so when you top that off with grain-finishing and dry-aging, you’re left with a beautiful combination of tenderness, juiciness and flavor; the type of high-grade, superior beef cuts served at high end restaurants!

Dry aging grain-finished Angus is a skill, and we’ve partnered with a neighboring farm to bring you some of the most incredibly rich, tender and juicy beef you’ll ever served for dinner.

4 Ways to take your Dry-Aged Grain-Finished Angus beef experience to the next level.

  1. Choose the right cut. Not all cuts are created equal. You can control the amount of fat on your beef by choosing, for example, a sirloin cap over a fattier cut of meat. And if you want to level up the tenderness and juiciness, try choosing a New York Strip or Ribeye.
  2. Choose Dry-Aged beef every time. Dry aging allows the enzymes to break down the muscle tissues in the beef and also reduces the chance of E-Coli. We always dry age our beef for at least 21 days, ensuring that you’ll only receive the highest quality and most flavorful beef from our ranch. 
  3. Prepare your steak properly with the right seasoning. How you prepare and season the meat contributes greatly to an excellent steak experience. A simple method for steak would be to cover it with sea salt and let it rest at room temperature for an hour before you cook. 
  4. And lastly, opt for meat raised on a local beef farm over commercially raised meat.  

At the Null Ridge ranch, we allow our cattle to graze freely on the ranch after they’re weaned from their mommas. We never give them antibiotics, growth hormones or feed additives, and they receive plenty of shade, fresh water, and ample room to graze.

Once they reach the proper weight, we ship our beloved cattle off to the feedyard five at a time where they’re fed a well-balanced diet until harvest time.
Are you ready to experience the richness of a farm grown Dry-Aged, Grain-Finished Angus beef for you and your family?  
Place your order today! We’re offering our Angus in an affordable Family Size Quarter Beef package, and also in a Half Beef Size. Email me for ordering information.

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