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How I Got Started in the Cattle Business

It warms my heart to produce restaurant quality, all-natural beef for you and your family.  -Kristen Null, Owner

It all started with ten sale barn heifers and a dream. 

In 2006, I had a dream to do my part in serving better beef to my community. 

I would spend every night reading bovine semen catalogs and watching RFDTV.  I knew that if I wanted to produce cattle that would grow naturally, marble, and produce good fertile females…I needed to thoroughly understand EPD’s from established seed stock producers. 

The goal was to produce an animal that could thrive in the high plains of New Mexico.

I thought about raising full-blood Wagyu, but I knew they just wouldn’t be profitable for my beef program.

Firstly, full blood Wagyu cattle need to be fed for over two years on a ration. Which would mean beef that would be over three to four years old before harvesting. 

And by law, any beef over 30 months of age could not be cut as a bone-in steak.

So to keep the standards high, I discovered that Angus, Galloway, and Braunvigh mixed beautifully with Wagyu genetics to create an exceptional American Wagyu.  

So I began my cattle business by raising and producing incredible, robust dry-aged American Wagyu beef.

And no, I didn’t have a male support system when I started working in the cattle business. 

I didn't have a father who was in with the owner of the local salebarn. No uncle to help with bankers, or anyone who was a part of the "good ole buddy" system. 

I did however have the Lord.

God guided me daily and opened every door I needed at just the right time!  Yes, He’s just that good. :)

God led me to a wonderful cattle buyer to purchase the cattle, and a stocker contract buyer to sell the cattle.

So I raised stocker cattle, or “Store-Boughts” as I like to call them, and cattle born on the ranch were called “Home-Growns.” :)

My cow herd soon outgrew the ranch!

In order to accommodate this growing business, I branched out and purchase a feed yard and irrigated farm property in Hereford, TX. 

The goal was to have a rotational grazing program and an in-house finishing facility for my fat cattle.

So things were truly coming together for this business!

I then beganto dream about producing and selling my homegrown beef to restaurants all over Amarillo, Texas.

And after ten years of hard work, making connections, and providing consistent high-quality beef…the dream to produce and sell my homegrown beef to restaurants in Amarillo became a reality!!!

A few facts about Null Ridge Premium Beef:

  • The mission has remained the same: to ensure that all calves from birth to harvest never receive antibiotics, feed additives, or growth enhancements
  • We take a “Nose-to-tail” approach, offering items sourced from beef byproducts, ensuring no part of the animal is wasted.
  • Yes, I’m a fifth-generation rancher...but no one in my family has ever finished out their homegrown cattle for wholesale or a retail market!
  • Working in a male-dominated industry and not being a member of the "Boys Club" has not been easy...
  • I've overcome obstacles in purchasing cattle to finding beef processors that would willingly work with me!

But I thank God who has been my protector that NRPB is still standing and growing by His grace.

And over time the business has evolved beautifully.

We’ve expanded productions, taken a deep dive into the process of finishing cattle, and with God's leading and guidance, NRPB has grown into what it is today.

The sky’s the limit.  

We’re now pivoting our marketing efforts and working to re-establish and grow our presence not only online but in the local community.

So if my story has touched your heart or encouraged you in any way, I ask that you share this story to inspire others and help support local businesses!

And join the Beef Fam for sales and discounts, and more behind-the-scenes content like this!

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