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My Favorite Way to Cook Filet Mignon

Ohhh the beloved Filet Mignon.

This steak has a following like you would not believe!

Filet Mignon steaks are cut from the tenderloin, a muscle located at the lower part of the cow’s spine.  If offered whole it would be called a trimmed tenderloin. 

The muscle here moves very little due to its location, leaving the beef soft and tender. So naturally, Filet Mignon steak should be fork tender in any application! 

And since it’s a milder cut of beef, with the right sauce, you can create the perfect flavor profile for date nights, anniversaries, fancy birthdays, and other special occasions.

How to Cook Filet Mignon: 

Filet mignon can be prepared several different ways.

Some of my preferred methods are smoking, reverse sear, pan seared or sous vide. 

My personal favorite is a pan-seared Null Ridge Steak! 

The secret to a stunning filet mignon is an extremely hot pan and beef tallow. 

I like to sear steaks in beef tallow because tallow has a higher smoke point than butter, and a hard sear will produce a beautiful crust on your filet every time!

Cooking Instructions: 

From the fridge, bring your filet mignon steak to room temperature, allowing it to sit for 30 minutes.  If you take it straight from the fridge to the pan, you’ll likely shock the meat, making it tough and chewy.  

Next, pre-heat your oven-safe skillet to medium/high heat, I prefer stainless steel or cast iron.

Third, season your steak with a generous amount of sea salt or Kosher salt.  

    Now add a tablespoon of beef tallow to your pan.

    Like I said before, you want your pan hot to get that beautiful crust on your steak!  But if you don't have beef tallow on hand, an oil with a high smoke point, like grapeseed or avocado oil will work.  

    Finally, sear your salted steak for two minutes on each size.

    Note that cook times will depend on your desired doneness temperature and thickness of your Filet Mignon.

    On a six ounce filet I enjoy a medium rare steak!

    After searing your steak on the top and bottom, you can finish it in one of two ways.

    Finishing In the Pan

    After the top and bottom of your filet mignon is perfectly seared, grab your tongs and turn it on its side, rolling it slowly around the pan.  When then meat has browned nicely on all sides, tilt the pan so the tallow will pool to one side, and proceed to baste it in its juices for about a minute, using a spoon.

    I’m not a strict temperature person, but for a perfect medium rare, aim for between 125 and 130℉. If you're not there yet, keep basting and rolling until you are.  Be sure and let the steak rest a few minutes before you serve!

    Finishing in the Oven

    To finish in the oven, simply preheat the oven to 450.  Once you've seared the steak on top and bottom, put the whole pan in the oven for 5 minutes.  Check your temperature by placing it in the center of the steak.

    Let it rest for a couple of minutes so the juices can redistribute as the internal temp continues to rise, bringing it to a delicious, juicy medium rare.  

    Slice, serve and enjoy! 

    Not sure what to serve your filet mignon with? 

    Since filet mignon boasts a mild flavor, it goes well with pretty much anything you choose!  This tender steak is often served with a compound butter or demi-glaze.  

    Ready to enjoy a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your home?

    Order your Null Ridge Premium Filet Mignon steak to try out this cooking method for yourself!

    Our beef comes from well-marbled, tender American Wagyu, dry-aged for at least 21 days for intense flavor.

    And be sure to join the Beef Fam to stay up to date with the latest steak preparing methods, recipes, beef industry info, and more! 

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