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My Problem With Most Dog Treats

You know, it breaks my heart to see all the crap they put into dog and cat treats. 

I was thinking about this the other day.  People don't realize that it's so expensive to sell all natural treats, with just one ingredient.  Treats with no filler, MSG, flour and other ingredients. Basically nothing added to water down the most important ingredient.

Companies dilute their treats, even those who claim them to be all-natural…at the detriment of the consumer.  You.  They take a tiny percentage of meat and add tons of fluff fillers to increase the amount of product they can produce, so they can make as much money off of you as they can.

In our all-natural beef liver dog treats, we use just one ingredient. 

100% pure beef liver.  We don't add anything to try to make it taste better, to make it more appealing to dogs and cats.  The ingredient we use is all natural, God-given, and healthy for your pets.

I often think about the all artificial ingredients we consume on a daily basis. 

All the genetically modified this and bio-engineered that…I can imagine our bodies saying “now where is this supposed to go?"  "I know what to do with this ingredient, and I know what to do with that, but all this other stuff over here???"

All-natural and minimally processed items usually come at a premium, but the question I ask myself is, am I willing to pay the price now or later?

Am I willing to put healthy ingredients in my body now, to stay out of the doctor's office later?  Which price am I willing to pay?

That's why I try my best to take an all natural approach to life. 

What I put in my body, what I put on my body, and what I give to those I love.

This world is inundated with artificiality everywhere we look.

Thankfully, thank God, we can still choose to take a stand for all things natural.  We can choose to stand for consuming what God has freely given us, instead of rushing for the cheap and easy, and paying the price later on.

I shop organic.  I wear organic.  I consume organic and all-natural.  It may cost a little more upfront, but I still get to enjoy the foods and products I love, and have the peace of mind knowing that what I'm consuming is healing not harming my body.  And that goes for my four legged babies too.

Are you with me???

All natural pure beef liver dog and cat treats

No fillers, no additives, no preservatives.  100% beef liver.

Not only are they pure but they’re delicious.

Sourced from our family’s ranch in New Mexico and processed here at my home office in Texas.  No sketchy overseas shipping here!

Those here in the Texas Panhandle may not know this, but pure beef liver treats are hard to find.  They’re a rare delicacy in the canine world.

And the fact that something so nutritious can be incredibly craveable at the same time is an added bonus.

Pro Tip: Soak them in warm water for 2-3 minutes to rehydrate and soften them up for pets with trouble chewing or have sensitive teeth.

Ringo’s Story

Ringo was so finicky. I would try to give him ground beef and he just wasn't having it. And after finding out how nutritious beef liver was, I thought let's dehydrate it, turn it into a treat, and offer it to Ringo. 

He FELL IN LOVE.  It was AMAZING seeing this big, huge, Husky and German Shephard devour these treats. 

And I've had customers swear by using them for training.



I just adopted a diabetic dog and Null Ridge Beef Liver treats are the only thing that makes her forgive me after receiving an insulin shot. Plus I know they wont Spike her blood sugar❤️ 

Cat Approved

The beef liver treats are a hit…. I left them on the counter & our cat literally ripped open the package to get to them 😂



These dog treats are the only brand my dog will eat. Healthy snacks & made in Texas...thank you NRPB


My dog is not a big eater but these are the only treats she will scarf down! I even put them in with her regular food to get her to eat.

Best treats

With all the trendy treats out there these are by far my dog and cats favorite! I feel good knowing exactly what they are made of and where they came from! 💯

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