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My Top Benefits of Buying Local Grass-Fed or Grain-Finished Beef

As you’re shopping in the meat section of your local grocery store, I'm sure you've wondered where the meat comes from.

You read the label, but the information is often hidden behind words that are vague or hard to understand.

It’s also wrapped in a flimsy container, covered in plastic…and dripping with juice.  Yum?

I may be biased, but I strongly believe it's to your benefit to purchase local, grass-fed or grain-finished beef.  It’s safer, more convenient, and much more delicious.

Since meat is a staple for most, our source of beef deserves a bit of research to truly understand what it is we're actually putting into our bodies.

That’s why I’m over the moon to share my top benefits of purchasing your beef locally, from a rancher you know and trust!

1. It's much safer.

Not to instill fear, but most of the commercially raised beef you buy, regardless of the label, has been treated with some sort of antibiotics or growth hormones. More and more we see food has become increasingly processed, highly addictive, and unnatural.

The labels contain little transparency and that 5-pound package of beef you’re purchasing could contain beef from hundreds or even thousands of different beef.

At Null Ridge Premium Beef, our ground beef is sourced from a single steer or heifer from our local ranch.

The beef of yesterday is not the beef we’re eating today. 

Here are a few alarming facts:

  • They're often treated with carbon monoxide to give the beef a “red” color to indicate freshness.
  • According to a 2011 study, almost half of all raw meat sold in grocery stores contains staph infection bacteria, including potentially lethal MRSA.
  • Certain cuts of store-bought meat are mechanically tenderized which exposes the sterile inside of the meat to bacteria, potentially contaminating the entire cut.
  • Most store-bought meat is treated with antibiotics.

At Null Ridge Premium Beef, our beef is already tender due to the nature of our cattle genetics, which is known for its high marbling and naturally produces a juicy, tender cut of beef.  Our beef is dry-aged for at least 21 days to intensify the flavor. Nothing fake here!  

2. It’s much more delicious.

Sustainably raised local beef is widely known to produce a far superior taste than beef raised on industrial farms. These beef are more flavorful and natural with higher standards than factory-farmed beef.

Our calf crop are lovingly treated and always have access to roam, plenty of shade, and fresh water.  Once they reach their ideal weight, we ship them five at a time to a local harvesting facility that shares our view on the care and quality of the beef.  So from birth to harvest, our cattle are never treated with growth hormones, feed enhancements or administered antibiotics.

Each beef is tender, well-marbled and dry aged at least 21 days to maximize its flavor; so flavorful in fact, it requires little to no seasoning.

3. You're supporting your local community.

Beef farmers don’t have to travel long distances to get their meat into your freezer, thus cutting down on emissions.  By keeping your dollars local, you’re also helping farmers and ranchers stay self-employed and allowing their farms to thrive in your community.

For the folks in the Texas panhandle, you've got access to high-quality beef from a local ranch. Beef that can be delivered straight to your doorstep for certain cities, or ordered and shipped out in just a few days.

Purchasing your beef locally is the safer, healthier, more convenient, and more delicious beef choice for your family.

As the beef buyer in the home, it's critical to make smart and informed choices about your beef. From where it comes from, how the animals are treated, to how the meat is handled. 

About Null Ridge Premium Beef:

Kristen, the owner of Null Ridge Premium Beef LLC sells dry-aged American Wagyu beef, grain-finished Angus, and now grass-fed beef from her family’s ranch in New Mexico.  She serves the Texas Panhandle and beyond. 

Her customers are well acquainted with the consistency, quality and safety of the beef she offers.

A few things about NRPB:

  • No part of the animal is wasted
  • The cows are born and raised all on a single ranch
  • According to customers, the beef is consistent in quality
  • Little to no seasoning required; flavorful cut of beef
  • You know what's in the beef, you know the rancher
  • Beef sourced from a single animal!

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