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Smoked Brisket: A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

Do you find turkey a bit dry and boring? Feeling a little rebellious this year?

Yes, a beautiful thanksgiving turkey is part of our tradition of giving thanks with family and loved ones…but you have my permission to skip the turkey this year if you've ever been on the fence about it!  

Because in my opinion, the real magic of thanksgiving is found in the company you keep. 

Those you break bread with, per se. So if you’re like me and can take it or leave it with turkey, then how about giving thanks this year around a tender, fall-off-the-fork smoked brisket? 

With a smoked brisket for thanksgiving, you get a simple, succulent beef dish that’s bursting with flavor and won’t have you sleeping through the afternoon game!

Usually flavored with smoke, salt, and pepper, this delicious thanksgiving alternative can easily turn into a new flavorful tradition.  The key to a stellar smoked brisket is taking your time and letting it smoke until it gets that highly sought-after, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Smoking brisket breaks down the connective tissues in the meat and “makes it so tender it almost falls apart on its own.” 

And to take your turkey rebellion a bit further...

Try substituting your usual sides for the sides you’ll likely find at your favorite BBQ joint.  Coleslaw, or other pickled veggies such as homemade cucumber pickles, or pickled red onions are great at complimenting the fatty, smoky flavor of the meat.  

You can also try:

  • Texas style collard greens served with plenty of hot sauce and vinegar
  • Green beans with caramelized shallots, toasted almonds, and fresh lemon juice
  • Corn Casserole with green chile and onions
  • Savory baked beans
  • Creamy scalloped potatoes
  • Hearty mac and cheese
  • Crispy brussel sprouts or grilled potato skins!

Be bold this year and wow the in-laws, or surprise the family.

And kick dry turkey to the curb! It’s never been the star of the show know it's the dressing!

Not feeling brisket?  Here are five additional thanksgiving alternatives from

Fig and balsamic glazed beef kabobs


Espresso bourbon steaks with mashed sweet potatoes


Beef tenderloin steak with blue cheese topping


Beef rib roast with chocolate-port sauce and goat cheese mashed potatoes


Beef stuffing with apples and cranberries

It all starts with choosing the right brisket.

At Null Ridge Premium Beef, the quality of our meat begins on the farm. Sourced from a single ranch, and local to the Texas panhandle, our highly sought-after American Wagyu beef comes from cattle pasture raised and never administered antibiotics, growth enhancements or hormones. 

No questionable meat here.

Just well-marbled, all natural tender and flavorful American Wagyu.

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