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Why a Holiday Beef Package Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

All natural dry-aged steaks, tenderloins, prime ribs and more are waiting to be gifted for the upcoming holiday season!

Friends and Beef Fam, have you begun planning your purchases for the holidays?

With family coming over, upcoming vacations, and holiday weather to contend with…

Consider skipping all the crazy, by gifting an all-natural American Wagyu or Dry Aged Angus half or whole beef, carefully wrapped and packaged and shipped or delivered to your recipient’s doorstep.

Not only will you beat the rush, you’ll ensure that your loved ones get their gift on time, a gift that will last them well into the new year.

Top quality, hard-to-find all-natural whole and half beef packages are the IDEAL Christmas gift.

Times are changing. And as a nation, we’re no longer as over-consumed with material things…we’re just grateful to God to have our families with us, as we collectively focus on what matters most.

With a premium, dry-aged American Wagyu or Angus Beef package, you’ll be stocked up with safe, healthy, delicious beef through the winter and possibly well into the spring season.  

At Null Ridge Premium Beef, we’re offering some incredible deals to help you get into the holiday shopping spirit. 

Choose from healthy, dry-aged Heritage, grass-finished Galloway beef, or decadent all-natural dry-aged American Wagyu, from cows never treated with antibiotics, growth enhancements, or hormones.

As the owner and 5th generation female rancher, I’m highly involved in every stage of the animal’s life, from birth to harvest. 

Which means you’ll receive consistent, tender, and flavorful dry-aged beef every single time.

Our beef comes from cows raised on my family's ranch, with plenty of room to roam, shade, and access to fresh water.  

Once they reach their ideal weight, they’re sent to one of our three highly vetted processing centers, who share our values on safe, quality all-natural beef.  It’s here that they’re dry-aged for 21 days for maximum tenderness and flavor. 

Finally, they’re flash-frozen at peak, and vacuum-sealed to lock in that incredibly rich, robust beef flavor.  

For those in the Texas Panhandle, these hard-to-find, seriously flavorful cuts of beef are a hidden gem right in your backyard! 

Our family ranch is located in Clovis, NM and Null Ridge Premium Beef LLC is located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle.

So this year, consider sending delicious, decadent beef, instead of chocolate or tins of popcorn.  Your family will beam at receiving this elegant and considerate gift!

And join the Beef Fam to be the first to know about beef industry info, life on the ranch, and special discounts and savings all year long.

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