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Beef Packages

Take charge of your family’s nutrition in a way that's smart, economical, and convenient. 

Our Family Size Quarter Beef and Half Beef Packages are the perfect addition to your freezer. 

All-Natural & Dry-Aged.

Dry-aged 21 days, although time consuming and expensive, this process locks in that robust beefy flavor as it permeates the meat.

Paired with the high marbling of American Wagyu and Angus, dry-aging infuses flavor into an already extremely tender cut of beef.  

Our beef packages are ideal for entertaining family and friends, or just ensuring you have safe, all-natural beef on hand year round.  Perfect for meal prepping, which means less trips the supermarket!

You'll find an indulgent variety of steaks, ribs, ground beef, roasts, briskets, and more, that will last you well into the new year!