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Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Meat in Bulk

Is that time again?

With winter in full swing, its even more important now to start filling your freezer with the essentials, and that includes meat in bulk.  You dont want to be stuck at home in the middle of a snow storm with nothing for your family to eat.  

But buying meat in bulk can be a potentially arduous process.  You have to plan, source, purchase and find a way to store this substantial amount of meat, hoping that you actually are saving time, energy, and money.

How will you know if you’re getting enough of your favorite cuts?  Do you even have the room? How can you make sure the meat you've paid for stays fresh while it sits in the freezer?  What if the power goes out or the freezer door’s left open?

In this post, I hope to ease your concerns and empower you to make smart decisions during every phase of the beef buying process.  When you can ask and answer the right questions, you’ll know you’re ready to take the leap, and fill your freezer for the upcoming season.

Question One: Where will you source your bulk meat? 

Step one begins with finding the right source for your meat.  I recommend finding a farmer or rancher who lives near by whom you can build a relationship with.

Trust is key in this part of the process.  

Paying that much for meat upfront, you want to make sure the meat you receive is consistently high quality, safe and fresh.  Get as much information as you can in this part of the process.  How are the animals treated, how are they fed? Are the pasture-raised, grass-fed, all natural? 

Much of the beef we get from the grocery store is a guessing game. 

That ground beef you’ve picked up could come from thousands of different cows raised in stressful, cramped, inhospitable conditions.

Here at Null Ridge Premium Beef, our cattle are lovingly raised with lots of room, sunlight, fresh water and shade. 

We insist that from birth to harvest, our cows never receive antibiotics or growth hormones.  Our all-natural American Wagyu cattle are grass-fed, grain-finished and dry-aged for consistently rich and robust flavor.

If there are no farmers or ranchers close by, the next best thing is to find a local meat market or butcher shop.

Ask questions and get helpful tips and recommendations. It may take a little effort and research, but you could also locate some wholesale meat retailers who sell in bulk online.

Question Two: How will you purchase your bulk meat?

The key during this phase of the process is to pay attention the details and plan ahead. 

How much meat you need will vary based on your meat eating habits. How many nights a week does your family typically eat steak or ground beef?  Don’t be afraid to ask your butcher or processor what cuts are included and if you can make special requests.  

You'll also want to think about how much freezer space you’ll need.  How will it be packaged and delivered? Do you need to pick it up, or can it be shipped to you?

The key is to plan out how much food you can realistically use. 

If you only cook for a small family you probably don't need to buy a whole or half beef, but you could share a quarter beef with another family.  Start small and buy only as much as you think you’ll be able to store and eat.  You can always increase the amount in the future.  

Question Three: How will you store your bulk meat?

To make sure your bulk meat stays fresh when freezing, simply wrap it tightly with plastic wrap or place it in freezer bags to prevent freezer burn.  Make sure there’s as little air as possible in your packaging.  If you can, have it vacuum sealed for even greater security.

And if you plan on cooking some right away, just store some in the fridge wrapped tightly and place it on the bottom shelf where it’s coldest. 

When you buy in bulk, you save money in the cost per pound because farmers and butchers can sell their meat at a lower cost when they offer large quantities. 

You’re paying the price per pound instead of per cut, so you can wind up with expensive cuts of meat at ground beef prices.

It’s incredibly convenient to have a freezer full of meat so you don't have to keep making trips to the grocery store anytime you want to cook.

And it's much easier on the environment because there’s less packaging waste.  When buying meat in bulk you’ll always have easy access to premium and delicious protein anytime you need it.  Perfect for warm nights in or when you just don’t have the time to go shopping.

At Null Ridge Premium Beef we strive to bring you consistently safe and exquisite beef every single time. 

We offer highly-marbled dry-aged American Wagyu Half Beef and an Angus Half Beef. View our bulk beef packages. We’re also eager to answer any questions you may have about the bulk beef buying process.

Send us an email or ask a question and we'll be happy to reply quickly.

And join the Beef Fam for more beef knowledge, exclusive bonuses, sales and discounts!

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